DMS Destroys Fabric and Household Viruses

In the early days of the new crown epidemic, LAURASTAR, the world's professional ironing care brand, required an independent laboratory to conduct professional testing on ultra-fine dry steam. The results confirmed that LAURASTAR's proprietary steam technology, DMS ultra-fine dry steam, can kill 99.9% of viruses, especially the new coronavirus, without contact with the soleplate of the iron. This technology also eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and fungi and 100% of dust mites. As a result, ultra-fine dry steam is the primary natural solution for consumers and professionals to disinfect fabrics and household items without any chemical components.

Low temperature washing cannot kill bacteria, But DMS can do

Only long-term exposure to temperatures above 60 °C will bacteria be destroyed, so low-temperature washing cannot remove bacteria. Washing in warm water at 30°C kills only 10% of the bacteria that remain vectors of disease after washing.
LAURASTAR DMS with a temperature of over 100°C, can eliminate 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and dust mites in seconds, and decontaminate your clothes for a long time, as shown in a study by Scitec Research SA.
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We rarely wash our coats, But they are one of the common sources of pollution

WHO advises: Different viruses and bacteria can be transmitted through textiles.
Decontaminating clothes with LAURASTAR steam is an effective cleaning and preventive measure when returning from outside, especially after a day at school or public transport.

Your clothes can spread disease, make sure to destroy them

Baby clothes, children's clothes, napkins and sheets are all breeding grounds for bacteria. Washing at low temperatures will only allow bacteria to transfer from one garment to another. So the mix of adult clothes, sheets, napkins and children is terrible! One study showed that gastroenteritis-causing E. coli bacteria were found on dish towels in 25% of experimental households.

Using LAURASTAR is a natural solution to keep your clothes hygienic, chemical-free and ideal for skin-to-skin textiles, as well as teddy bears and quilts.
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Respiratory allergy becomes a major social problem

The incidence of respiratory allergies has increased considerably in recent decades. All epidemiological studies conducted in Switzerland (Sapaldia, Scarpol) and Europe (ECRHS) or internationally (ISAAC) show that the incidence of allergic diseases (rhinoconjunctivitis, asthma, eczema) has almost increased over the past 30 years double.
LAURASTAR DMS removes 100% of allergy-triggering dust mites.


Scientific data confirms effectiveness

Low temperature washing does not eliminate microorganisms, pathogenic bacteria, bacteria and allergens. Fortunately, LAURASTAR can escort you. The effectiveness of DMS has been proven by independent laboratory studies. Thanks to its high temperature, penetrating power and energy, DMS purifies clothes and home fabrics effectively, naturally and for a long time.

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Why can't bacteria withstand the temperature of LAURASTAR?

Microorganisms or bacteria (bacteria, viruses, mites, fungi) are composed of proteins that perform a variety of functions in living organisms. The high temperature of LAURASTAR DMS causes these bacteria to deform, which in turn kills them. The temperature and time to destroy different bacteria are different because each organism has its own heat tolerance, but the higher the temperature, the faster the bacteria will be killed. Most proteins deform at temperatures above 41 degrees.